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We at Bergen Alliance offer additional services that can help children become successful academically, which increases self esteem and increases more positive feelings towards school. Quite often children who struggle with reading feel frustrated and start to dislike going to school and hate to read. A child without strong reading skills will have difficulties in other areas such as Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. Reading is the foundation of our education and our goal is to provide families with qualified teachers that can help children develop their reading skills.  In addition we offer tutoring, k-8, in all subject areas. Please call us with any questions regarding tutoring or our Wilson reading program.



. K-8 Standard Teaching Certificate

. Teacher of the Handicapped Certificate

. M.A. Special Education

. 19 years teaching special education in public and private schools

. Discrete trial teaching using the methodologies of Applied Behavioral Analysis

. Teaching ASD students in inclusive settings

. Has written skill acquisition programs for specific IEP goals that were data driven

. 3 years teaching replacement in Mathematics and Language Arts k-5

. Provides in home consultation for ASD students

. Certifies in Wilson Reading Program/Dyslexic Specialist

Gina can help your child in many areas and is available to come to your home if coming to one of our locations is difficult. If you have any questions call our office and speak to GIna directly. 

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