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Starting Therapy

People often are apprehensive about "seeing a therapist." At Bergen Alliance Counseling Services we do everything possible to make your therapy experience a positive one. You will find our office to be cozy, warm, and friendly, as described by our clients.  

Before your first appointment:

. Feel free to call us with any additional question or to make an appointment change

. Make sure to call your insurance company before your appointment and find out your mental health "out of network coverage." Ask if there is a deductible to be met, or how much of deductible has already been met for the year. Some people think they have out of network coverage and then find out sessions are not covered. Ask what percentage is covered, 50, 60, 80% and what your copay amount for a specialist will be. If you can, have them email or fax you a print out of your benefits.

. If you are not covered by Cigna (we are in-network) or do not have any "out of network coverage" call us and we can discuss a sliding scale that might work for you.

At your first appointment:

. Do your best to arrive on time because we work hard to not have our clients wait for their appointment. We are always ready at your appointment time, except when there is an emergency.

. Upon arriving you will be greeted by our staff or your therapist, asked if you would like coffee, and then forms are filled out and copy of insurance card will be obtained. 

What happens during the first session:

. During your first appointment, your therapist will get some information about you, your history, and most importantly the issues that have brought you to therapy. You will discuss your goals, your expectations, and any questions you have about therapy. This first session is a "get to know session" for you and the therapist. During this session you will get a feel for your therapist and you can decide if this is the right person for you. There needs to be a fit between the individual and the therapist for therapy to be successful. You must decide, is this someone that I feel comfortable with and can see myself trusting, if not, it is okay to see someone else at our office.

. If you decide to continue, you will set up your next appointment.

We hope that you will give our office the opportunity to work with you or your family.

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