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In our experience working with families, we find that when kids are approaching going away to colleges parents start to worry. Parents often feel helpless when their children are away because they do not if things are going well, if their children are not being honest and they worry. Quite often when kids begin college they struggle and have no one to talk to about their issues. They are often afraid to tell their parents because they do not want them to think that they are not successful. If they are depressed they begin to isolate and fall behind in their school work rather than getting help. Sometimes they do not know what is wrong and the situation just worsens instead of getting resolved.

We offer online counseling for kids that are going away to college. It gives them someone they can talk to or just check in with weekly or as needed. It gives them someone other than their parents that will listen and not judge them but guide them in the right direction. 

We also offer this service for professionals who are too busy to come to our office, for professional moms, and for anyone who needs this type of therapy.  This does not for work everyone, but for many it works as well as face to face in the office.  Each individual must decide what works best for them.  We are here to accommodate your needs.

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