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LCSW Supervision

Getting Your LCSW

Maria Cosentino  provides supervision for those who are looking to obtain their license in clinical social work (LCSW). Getting clinical supervision is such an important aspect in growing as a clinician in the mental health field.   

Maria completed her LCSW supervision training through Rutgers University and has been LCSW since 2010. Supervision is based on individual needs but usually consists of case consultation, discussion of clinical topics and/or sharing of resources.

Rock Balancing
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Supervision Fee
$150 per hour for 100 hours 
We will meet for Supervision once a week. 

Hands On Experience

While working with me, clinicians can gain:

  • new ways of looking at complex cases

  • how to deal with ethical issues or dilemmas

  • a better understanding of how to navigate the system in which you work in and how to best help your clients

  • identify transference or countertransference issues

  • how to create a work/life balance as well as establish good self-care routines.

  • Gain real clinical experience

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