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Fees & Insurance

Fees: At Bergen Alliance we do our best to meet the financial needs of each and every

individual or family we see. Once your first appointment is scheduled, you will give us or email

your insurance information. We then will call the insurance company for you to find out what

your coverage is for mental health services. We then will call you and go over your coverage with you.  

Then we can schedule your first appointment the same week, or within a week in most cases.

INSURANCES WE ACCEPT: We accept all out of network insurance coverage. If you have out

of network coverage we will accept what the insurance pays for an out of network provider. If

there is a co-payment or co-insurance we will work something out on an individual basis.

Whenever there is a high deductible, we will do our best to help you.

IN-NETWORK COVERAGE: Currently we are only an in-network provider with CIGNA. We are

in the process of becoming in-network for other insurance companies. Again, call  even if

we are out of network and see what we will cost you coming to our office.

No Insurance: If you or your family have no insurance coverage we offer a sliding scale, that is

affordable to you or your family. We never turn anyone away seeking service. We will

work with you and hopefully find a way.

Please be aware that sometimes your in-network co-payment can be quite high depending on

your insurance coverage. We have clients who pay us directly not using their insurance and pay

less then their actual co-payment amount. Many families simply cannot afford their co-

payments on a weekly basis, we can offer you a fee that is affordable so that you or your family

can come weekly. Quite often people cancel appointments with other providers because they

do not  have the money on a particular week; that will never occur at Bergen Alliance Counseling

Services because we are here for you and for us it is more about providing the service, than the fee.

As an out of network provider we can offer special rates to our clients because some companies

pay our full fee, and as a result we can lower our fees for others in need. If you are not sure,

call us, give us your information, and we will get back to you within a day regarding your fee.



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