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Family Therapy

Family Therapy is a form of Psychotherapy that involves some or all members of a family. At Bergen Alliance we work within a systems approach. In this approach the family is regarded as a whole and emphasizes the family relationships, communication styles, conflicts, and other areas of difficulty within the family. Quite often we see families regarding issues of divorce, separation, custody issues, adolescent issues, illness, self esteem issues, bullying issues, and other factors that impacts the family as a whole. In addition, families come to see us if a child is having difficulty at home or at school and when parents need some guidance to help their child. We also see families if parents need to learn better parenting skills that can be more effective then the ineffective ones that they have been using. Sometimes a professional can see the entire picture and see things within the picture that the family members do not see. 

At times we use Cognitive Behavioral strategies especially when the issues of concern regards a child with aggressive tendencies, temper-tantrums, and other acting out behaviors at home or at school. Parents can learn the tools to work with a difficult child or adolescent. Family Therapy is becoming an increasingly form of therapy as changes in our family structures continue to change. It can be quite difficult for parents or teachers to handle a child or adolescent who is oppositional, angry, or depressed. As we work with the family the goal is to                                                                              empower each family member regarding their roles in the family unit.

Family Therapy tends to be short-term treatment unless there are serious issues being addressed. Usually it is several months in length, with a focus on resolving specific problems. If your family is having issues, we can work with you as well as a school as needed. We are available for our families 7 days a week and return all calls within 24 hours. All of our current families are comfortable calling us with small issues, or major ones, and we respond to all of them. In our experience, we have learned that one hour a week is often not enough to really help a family. It is quite often the calls between sessions that makes all the difference for a family that is struggling. It is knowing that your therapist will return your call, listen, and hopefully help you feel better than you did before the call. 

All of our families are part of the Bergen Alliance Counseling Family for as long as you need us.