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College Student Therapy

Students beginning their college career are faced with many new challenges and opportunities, but at the same time, many are faced with emotional and social challenges. Some of the challenges are difficult for these students to meet on their own. This occurs most often with students who go away to college and are away from their homes, family, and sense of security. They are often faced with leaving the only friends they have and must begin the process like kindergarten, making new friends. Many must adapt to living with someone else, which can be a wonderful experience, or a nightmare if not compatible with roommate. If you have son/daughter beginning college, or has had difficulty in college, we can assist in helping them become more independent, increase self-esteem, decrease anxiety, implement strategies, and monitor any form of depression. We can begin working with your son/daughter during their time off in the summer, or during breaks when they are home. We can help prepare them for college and lessen the anticipatory anxiety that occurs to many freshman students.

We also will continue to work with your son/daughter while in college if they need the additional support, for as long as it is needed. We often provide sessions when students are away via text, phone conversations, and through skyping. We are there for them to offer support, encouragement, and especially in crisis situations in which they do not want to worry their parents., Quite often children will not tell their parents they are struggling in college, because they see themselves as having failed. We often receive texts messages at midnight when a student is feeling low and needs to here a friendly voice. Many of our parents feel relieved knowing that their son/daughter can talk to their therapist while away at college.  If you are worried about your college student, please give us a call to discuss your concerns.

When should a parent call for a student already in college:

. They observe mood or behavior changes (depression, anxiety, withdrawal)

. Academic performance drops

. Signs of weight loss

. Severe homesickness

. Difficulty adjusting socially in their college environment

. Feelings of hopelessness and not being able to succeed

. Signs of problem drinking or drugs

. Routine changes drastically

. Decrease in contact, calling, texting

College life should be a memorable experience, with memories to last a life time. Sometimes circumstances, problems, difficulties, and relationship issues can get in a student's way. Things can always get better with guidance from parents, siblings, friends, professors, and a therapist. , Unfortunately today we see increases in college students who feel helpless and commit suicide.  These numbers are too great, and they must be prevented.  Our hope is that with additional support, more college students can be saved. If you have any questions regarding your son or daughter, give us a call and we will do whatever we can to help. We are always willing to talk to a parent on the phone or to the student. Our goal is to help parents sleep better at night and to offer students a friendly voice to support them.

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