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Adolescent & Teen

Group Hug

Adolescent Therapy


Depression, Anxiety, Oppositional Behaviors

Truancy or School Refusal

Selective Mutism



Relational or peer issues



Divorce, Separation, Custody

Conflict with parents, Aggressive Behaviors, Acting Out


Teen Pregnancy, Drugs, Alcohol

Bipolar or Borderline Disorders, Self-Mutilation

Low Self-Esteem Issues

Sexuality Issues

Inability to maintain friendships

Working with Adolescents or teens, requires flexibility and patience. In working with them the therapist must enter their world, because it is greatly different cognitively and emotional then the world of a child or adult. As children and adolescents grow, they are constantly in the process of developing their social skills and emotional intelligence necessary to lead healthy and happy lives. When adolescents or teens, experience emotions or engage in behaviors that interfere with their happiness, ability to thrive, and emotional stability, it is time to do something. An unhappy teen is a stressful family in most cases, and when this occurs, the teen/adolescent may benefit from meeting with a professional therapist who is highly experienced working with this age group. Quite often parents tell us their child did not like their previous therapist and are turned off to therapy. At Bergen Alliance, we have a great deal of experience and the skills necessary to work effectively with teens. We are always able to change a previous negative experience into a positive one. Our philosophy is to respect each adolescent/teen and not assume we know what they are feeling or experiencing. We follow their lead, listen, joke with them, and develop a trusting relationship. Many therapists are not successful with this group primarily because they are unable to gain the trust and respect of the teen. When you walk into a Bergen Alliance office, you can feel the warmth of our office and you and your ten will immediately feel at ease with us.

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